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MultiMessage is an enhanced alternative to the SuperCard message box. It offers features not found in the original:

1) it allows the execution of multi-line "messages" as in:

    on mouseUp
    repeat with count = 1 to the number of cds
    put the name of cd count & cr
    end repeat
    end mouseUp

2) it allows the display of multi-line results of "answer" or "put" statements in the bottom field of the utility as in:

    answer the windows
    put windows(ID)

3) it allows the storage and recall of commonly used script bits through the use of library files.

4) it gives you access to three default windows (text, card, pict) and a backScript. You can use the windows to manipulate or display data and the backScript to store and access commonly used handlers and functions.


The utility is self-contained and doesn't need any editor to work. It may be best to put it into your utilities folder for quick access, but it can reside on any local drive.

Version 2.1 is now compatible with superCard 4.x. The interface was reworked to look OK in Mac OS 10. There is also a new experimental module, MM Exchange, that let users share their scripts online.

Click here to download version 2.1 for use with superCard 4.x. It comes as a compressed disk image 230K in size.

If you're still using superCard 3.x in Mac OS9, you should download version 2.0 It includes a couple of bug fixes and a few improvements to the interface. You can now indent scripts automatically and start and end your scripts with the familiar "on handlerName" and "end handlerName" keywords. MM 2.0 also introduces access to a backScript and three new built-in windows that you can use to display or manipulate data from within your scripts.

MultiMessage is © 2003, Rare Software. It is free for any use, but you cannot sell it. You can re-distribute it, but only in complete form, with the read me file and the MM Libs folder included in the original archive. It's also open source, meaning you can access the code and modify it for your own purposes.

Send your mods, new features, and library files to the author (blv@rareSoftware.com) to have them included in future versions.

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